Bumbershoot was a Blast!

I recently collaborated with another great Seattle artist, RA Scion, at the great Northwest music festival, Bumbershoot, on Labor Day Weekend. We opened for Wu Tang Clan for a crowd of over 1,000. My role was to offer colorful characters that complimented RA Scion's rich and thought-provoking lyrics: 

"Be still, listen close to those wheat fields – line cut
We still working towards that rebuild – time’s up
Destroy what’s devoid of all signs of life
Restore this resource; we beseech thee, pour forth
That light briefly; rain sweetly; drink deeply – refill
Be still, listen close to those wheat fields – peace, for real
Sit with it, sip with us – cup tip up them spirits in us
Entrenched with the mystics, witches wisdom intrinsic in us
Blood of my kinship drip this, some died for so we live this
Son, be about your business – relentless, relentless
Earth and the sea bear witness; leaves in the wind make mention
Omen of the coming of the empress; they intone, we listening
Science designed this, direction defined this
Purpose behind this, my mission is timeless
Came from divine, this small favor remind us
Please call my name – it’s RA Scion, your highness"