Testimonial #15: You were FABULOUS!

When I had to travel to Poland for work and miss our 7th anniversary, The Great Surprisal saved the day. She surprised my husband, dressed as a Polish lady, with a great song and some gifts that made him and his coworkers laugh...a lot! She took my quirky, custom-tailored requests and made them work in a great way, and she has a positive attitude and is professional and communicative. I was super pleased with the result!                                      -More than satisfied customer! 

Testimonial #14: Right on time!

She was a pretty Miss Mouse at our party. She did beautiful face painting for all kids. Some kids had requests for face painting like helicopter; she did a very good job. She did balloon twisting even when she had only minutes left to leave. I will hire The Great Surprisal again when we do a party with no hesitation. Highly recommend!                -Snigdha

testimonial #11: Awesome communication and professionalism!

The Great Surprisal face painter initiated the contact to follow up with the event and did a day before the party. She came in early, well prepared and was even flexible to accommodate the children's requests with face paint designs. She was a big hit at the party and I never saw her area empty without kids. I absolutely loved her and recommended her to my friends and family. -Fayee

testimonial #10: so easy and so fun!

I am living overseas and wanted to do something special for my mom's retirement party; well, the Singing Telegram was the perfect thing! Communication with The Great Surprisal was quick and easy. She had some great ideas about making the performance as special as possible. Would book with her again!  -Stacy  

Testimonial #9: On a scale from 0-10 I am giving her a 10!!

I booked The Great Surprisal for my daughter's 10th birthday party. I have to say she was amazing. She arrived on time and the kids loved her from the moment she walked into the room. She kept them entertained with games and different activities. I am glad I hired her and will for sure use her again. What was great is that the kids were asking for her business card as they were leaving!    -Valerie S.


Your dancing/act was hilarious and I liked your Kardashian “accessory!”  We have received lots of comments and thanks from the recipient. Thanks so much for working with us, we were happy that everything turned out so well and the attorneys are pleased. 

Much appreciation, 



TESTIMONIAL #3 Face Painting Party

I had never hired a face painter before The Great Surprisal and was pleasantly surprised (and impressed)! When the Bumble Bee arrived, the kids ran to the front door and showered their party guest with hugs. The detail and colors of the face painting designs were amazing and the kids kept asking for her to come to their next birthday party. The Great Surprisal rocks! - Proud Parent 

Testimonial #2 Singing Telegram for Mom

"My husband surprised me the night before a big interview with a singing telegram of Ryan Adams' "Everything I do"!  The Singing Telegram arrived right at the (secretly) arranged time and was perfectly pitched in a gold mask and star outfit.  She delivered the song beautifully without any awkward moments (which is hard with that song!) and made me cry and want to sing along!  At the end she held up a sign saying "You are our Shining Star!  We love you Mom!".  My kids were in awe and loved it as much as I did!  Talented, professional, and super fun, I would definitely hire her for another event - in fact, I already have!"

-Jessica A.

Testimonial #1 Bumble Bee Telegram

"A good friend of mine asked me a few days ago if I was going to be at work in my building on Friday, as she wanted to drop something off. I said yes and thought I'd see her at some point but boy oh boy, did I have the surprise of my life! I'm sitting at my desk and lo and behold this human bumblebee comes buzzing into my office! I immediately start breaking into laughter as she buzzed and twitted across my office, with my coworkers peering into the doorway, taking absolute delight in what was going on. The antics of the bee were priceless and it was obvious that some things were shared by the person who hired her as there were personal items she buzzed around and delivered with the sweetness of honey!!!" - Beverly, Living Telegram Recipient

Bumbershoot was a Blast!

I recently collaborated with another great Seattle artist, RA Scion, at the great Northwest music festival, Bumbershoot, on Labor Day Weekend. We opened for Wu Tang Clan for a crowd of over 1,000. My role was to offer colorful characters that complimented RA Scion's rich and thought-provoking lyrics: 

"Be still, listen close to those wheat fields – line cut
We still working towards that rebuild – time’s up
Destroy what’s devoid of all signs of life
Restore this resource; we beseech thee, pour forth
That light briefly; rain sweetly; drink deeply – refill
Be still, listen close to those wheat fields – peace, for real
Sit with it, sip with us – cup tip up them spirits in us
Entrenched with the mystics, witches wisdom intrinsic in us
Blood of my kinship drip this, some died for so we live this
Son, be about your business – relentless, relentless
Earth and the sea bear witness; leaves in the wind make mention
Omen of the coming of the empress; they intone, we listening
Science designed this, direction defined this
Purpose behind this, my mission is timeless
Came from divine, this small favor remind us
Please call my name – it’s RA Scion, your highness"



Hi and hello there! I think it has been 2 months or so since I started to build this website. Please let me know what you think. Does the information I provide explain enough of what I do? Does the content make you WANT a telegram or an event planner like me? My services have such a broad range of creativity and outcome that I want to be sure you are clear about what I do. I want you to feel inspired to treat your friend or loved one with the very best SURPRISAL possible. Feel free to leave a comment!