Living Our Dreams

The Great Surprisal began with a simple purpose: to share and spread joy. Like many artists, I have spent countless days and nights searching for the meaning of life. My grand conclusion? Humans need joy to survive and most especially, to thrive. Whatever your dreams may be, we want you to live them. Right here. Right now. Free of worry and concern, we fulfill your dreams and ensure loads of joy and celebration!


Why Do They Hire Us?

Our clients know that we love to dream big and dream outside the box. They know that "New Ideas" is our middle name because we never do the same thing twice! Want to plan a scavenger hunt across the city for your top executives? SURE! Or maybe you need to send a Singing Telegram to that crush you've been eyeing! DONE.

Our ideal client trusts our creativity. They welcome innovative ideas that are unique and never-before-seen. They know we customize the experience every. single. time. And...

Joy is a gift. So we share it. Join us!


Here leaps the Master Heart behind The Great Surprisal, Amelia. When you can't find joy, she creates it. And she loves to share it. Ask her. She'll totally do it.